FLIR ONE Comparison

Consumers have questions about image quality differences between the new 3rd generation FLIR ONE personal thermal imagers. 

Unlike previous generations of FLIR ONE, the 3rd generation is available in two versions: FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE PRO. The new PRO model offers higher resolution colour and thermal imagers resulting the best quality image ever offered in an personal thermal imager. Below, we have comparison shots from both 3rd generation models, as well as the 2nd generation FLIR ONE.

In addition to the best image quality ever offered in a mobile thermal imager, the FLIR ONE PRO offers more features than any other FLIR ONE.

All images were captured using iPhone 7. Unless otherwise noted, the images were captured using the FLIR ONE app available for free in the Apple App Store.

FLIR ONE, Generation 2 (out of production)

FLIR ONE PRO, Generation 3, MSX Image

FLIR ONE, Generation 3, MSX Image

FLIR ONE, Generation 2, MSX Image

FLIR ONE PRO, Generation 3, Thermal Image

 FLIE ONE, Generation 3 offers MSX only

FLIR ONE, Generation 2, Thermal Image

note: image captured using Thermal Preso (the FLIR ONE app doesn’t capture thermal only using 2nd generation FLIR ONE.)



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