Our apps, software, and hardware

FLIR High Coast templates for iOS and Android

Designed to reduce the level of effort required to create FLIR ONE compatible apps, High Coast templates for iOS and Android provide multi-tiered foundations for creating thermal apps. On both platforms, the High Coast templates provide two tiers of service, ideally suited to offering a free version of your app and an enhanced functionality paid version. 

Unique features of the High Coast templates include:

•Attractive, highly customizable main screen;

•Image categorization system, including date stamped image sets;

•Each image is saved as a visual and thermal image;

•Embedded training modules and context relevant tips system;

•Built-in PDF export to create professional reports;

•Adjustable thermal range.

High Coast templates have been customized for use in several projects spanning Android and iOS platforms.

FLIR ONE Mounting Case

Designed in Solidworks, this encasement for an iPhone 5/5s with the FLIR ONE Thermal Camera attached includes a GoPro mount for high versatility and protection of the assembly. These cases are designed to be simple, appealing and useful.

Hackathon Programmer Support

AdvanceWorx has been offering technical programming support for FLIR Hackathons since December 2014, including involvement in the following events: Mountain View, Santa Barbara, San Fransisco, New York, Hong Kong, and London UK. The hackathons offer development teams an opportunity to design hardware and software involving thermal imaging, offering prizes to the teams with the best projects. Among the exciting projects developers have created include: smart wearables for children and the visually impaired, 3d thermographic medical diagnostics, a thermal video game motion controller, and many other clever inventions. For an overview of past hackathons, visit the Past Developer Events page on the FLIR website.

Pocket Cam

Snap Together Casings for LCD in the FLIR PocketCams. These are small thermal imaging sensors with an LCD display and basic camera functionality. The casing gives the product a pleasant, finished look while protecting the electronics and allowing for side-by-side snap together assemblies of multiple cameras for various comparisons. Designed from scratch at AdvanceWorx and 3D printed for a small volume in-house.

FLIR & GroupGets “Ruby” Casing

GroupGets has been releasing FLIR Lepton Dev Kits that allow users to overlay the thermal imagery from a lepton sensor onto the colour image from a Raspberry Pi Camera and create custom software. One of the requirements of the overlay is that the Pi Camera and the Lepton are held at a fixed distance apart. AdvanceWorx was asked to fix the problem by creating an attractive little casing that held both cameras and allowed for mounting to a tripod, the result is what has been nicknamed the “Ruby”.

Software Design

Development of software featuring FLIR’s thermal imaging technology.

Vernier Thermal Analysis for FLIR One

AdvanceWorx created the most advanced thermal software available anywhere for Vernier Software and Technology. Then, we pushed it even further creating Vernier Thermal Analsys Plus for FLIR One with even more unique thermal imaging features!

Leak Detection Unit v2

LDU v2, designed by AdvanceWorx, interfaces with existing infrastructure to prevent leaks in industrial pipes and reduces time required to verify the integrity of the pipe liner.

The LDU v2 PCB, firmware and aluminum enclosure were designed and manufactured in-house by AdvanceWorx. The enclosure is is made of machined aluminum, coated in an anti-oxydation finish and tested to IP68 standards.

Leak Detection Unit v3

Building on the success of the LDUv2, version 3 interfaces with Leak Prevention Ltd.’s proprietary industrial pipe lining technology to detect leaks before they occur, and with historically low installation cost.



Next generation IoT medical device developed by AdvanceWorx for SilverThink. Electronics engineering, PCB design, firmware programming, enclosure design and manufacturing were all performed in-house at AdvanceWorx.

La Vie Bud Light / Tiesto

AdvanceWorx implemented the technology behind Mosaic’s viral #LaVieBudLight marketing experience. The project included thermal apps with Facebook integration, 3D printed marketing materials and on-site support for the event.

The technology was presented during a Tiesto live performance just outside of Montreal on Canada Day 2016. There were long lines of attendees waiting to experience the La Vie Bud Light activity, where participants made a thermal dance video, then shared it to their Facebook account for a chance to win an all expense paid trip to an EDM festival in Europe!

FLIR_Approved_APP_badge2Comfort Tracker

As featured on Gizmodo. Comfort Tracker is a mobile application for conducting simple and accurate insulation audits on your home by utilization of the FLIR One Thermal Camera. The app can detect any anomalies in the heat signatures through the walls of your home and begin to diagnose any possible problems with the current insulation. From here, the app can recommend products and solutions to correct the flaw. Compatible with iPhone and Android.

Third Floor IR Exhibit

The IR exhibit at Science North was designed to introduce attendees to the technology of IR through a fun, accessible exhibit for all ages. The exhibit, updated in 2017, makes use of FLIR Systems’ latest BOSON thermal imagaging cores and the Unity 3D gaming engine for a high-performance, real-time thermal imaging experience!

Dynamic Earth Underground Photo Experience

A custom built application that is now part of the interactive underground show at Dynamic Earth, allowing guests to tag in to the tour and receive novelty photographs to remember the trip. With multiple photo stations and a review station in the gift shop, the system spans Dynamic Earth and has added to the new, more interactive approach of the underground tour.

Science North Website Bilingual CMS Conversion 

AdvanceWorx designed a translation system for the TNEW E-commerce engine, giving the user a choice between multiple languages.

FLIR_Approved_APP_badge2Thermal Buddy 

United Infrared‘s Thermal Buddy Lite and Thermal Buddy Pro apps represent the leading edge of professional thermography! Loaded with high-end features to reduce the Thermographer’s manual workload, Thermal Buddy helps you get the job done fast.



Equicheck Lite and Equicheck Sport Apps allow equine enthusiasts to perform equine thermography on their own, providing owners with the opportunity to identify thermal indicators of their horse’s physical condition.

Medicore Research Medicost project management

AdvanceWorx was engaged to provide software development project management in accordance to IEEE standards for Medicore Research’s Medicost product development.

Mining Environment Power Supply

AdvanceWorx designed, prototyped, and fabricated, the power supply for TesMan’s mining environment technology.

Medical Software Design and Development

AdvanceWorx designed and developed proprietary software to assist vuMC medical staff to quickly and efficiently collect and analyze medical data. The vuMC software system takes advantage of AdvanceWorx IP to work with medical data in ways that were not previously possible.

FloWatch software development

In cooperation with KE2 and Starfish Medical Inc., AdvanceWorx developed simulation software that will enhance care of the critically-ill.

Driver Development

Ontrak Control Systems Inc. manufactures low-cost, high quality, serial data acquisition and control interfaces that allow data acquisition and computer control via a serial port (RS232, RS422, RS485 or USB ). When connected to a serial port the ADR and ADU boards allow control of analog (A/D and D/A), digital I/O, relay contacts and event counters using simple ASCII commands. AdvanceWorx developed Ontrak drivers for 64-bit Windows, and Mac OS X.

AdvanceWorx (In-House Products)

FLIR_Approved_APP_badge2Thermal Preso

Using Thermal Preso with you FLIR ONE, you can stream live thermal video from your iPhone to an Apple TV in full-screen landscape orientation. Select between Thermal, Colour or FLIR’s patented Blended MSX images. Offers rotation lock, vertical & horizontal mirroring options for various presentation situations. Thermal Preso also allows streaming of live thermal video full-screen to AirPlay devices. Thermal Preso is a must-have for any live demonstrations or shows using the FLIR One for iPhone!

FLIR_Approved_APP_badge2Thermal Sentry

Thermal motion detection for iPhone! Thermal Sentry uses your iPhone with a FLIR One device to detect thermal motion, and sound an audible alarm. Thermal Sentry offers three sensitivities, and is only interested in motion in the human temperature range. Thermal Sentry logs the time & date of each alarm. Tapping a log entry will show you a thermal and visual image captured at the time of the alarm, so you can see what triggered the alarm.